Catching the excellence: Felner Tennis Academy in Portugal.

There is no secret why people love playing tennis in Portugal. Perfect weather conditions all year around, outstanding tennis facilities, beautiful landscapes and what is crucially important these days – safety : all this makes tennis life in Portugal comfortable and exceptionally good for people of all ages and all level of tennis.


In 2016 Portugal organised 37 competitions of international tennis circuits Tennis Europe U12/U14/U16, ITF, ATP and WTA.

Many tennis clubs in Portugal have a very long history and priceless heritage. For example, Estoril Tennis Club begins its history at the remarkable year – 1945, at the time of big changes in the whole world. Or Tennis Club of Caldas da Rainha which was created on March 27, 1955, but the history of tennis in this city is much older and goes back to the end of the monarchy.


FELNER TENNIS ACADEMY we will be talking about in this article is the result of the partnership with the Tennis Club of Caldas da Rainha (CTCR). This project was born out of the ambition of the CTCR and the Felner Tennis Academy to create in Caldas da Rainha a center for sports training and high-performance tennis.

With rich academic and training experience, Pedro Felner created a team of professionals with training programs and ambitions to develop a project of excellence and he founded Felner Tennis Academy to open a new page in tennis book of Portugal.


Felner Tennis Academy offers annual program for all levels of players, weekly or monthly stages, travel for tournaments, consulting for all level of players.

The training centre of Felner Tennis Academy has a technical team prepared for the demands of High Performance training and motivated to achieve national and international results.

Academy has five hard courts, two of them are indoor, and four clay courts and great facilities physical preparation.


The academy aims to help athletes achieve their personal and sport goals in addition to sports performance. There is a school and residence for athletes at the academy, supervised by a tutor (school teacher), who helps to accommodate athletes with perfect conditions of comfort and safety.

The philosophy of the academy is an aim for each player to work as hard as they can to be the best tennis player that they personally can be. This academy is very special. One of the most important points is that the academy pursues not only sporting success but also personal development, which is crucially important. For the team tennis is more than just a sport.

If you are a non-professional player but still want to improve your tennis you are more than welcome. The academy keeps the main focus on tennis. There are several professionals who are already established in the world rankings e.g. the best Portuguese players and some foreign players like FREDERICO SILVA, TIAGO CAÇÃO, CHANTAL SKAMLOVA, MASHA TKATCHUK, GUILHERME OSÓRIO, HENRIQUE OSÓRIO, MAFALDA FERNANDES, ARTUR COMPLETO, ROMAIN BARBOSA, ULYANA AYZATULINA, BEATRIZ BENTO, INÊS MESQUITA.

With this group of players Felner Tennis Academy won several international trophies in TE, ITF, ATP and WTA circuits and 2 Grand Slam Juniors events.

Felner Tennis Academy has a dynamic and always evolving structure which makes it very special and one of the most prestigious tennis academies in Portugal.


TLFG Communications,

February 2017


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